The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new reporting requirements to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your student health insurance plan. Under these new reporting rules, information must be provided to the IRS about your health plan coverage for the 2015 tax year. This is called Form 1095-B for student health insurance.


As a covered individual, you will need this proof of health plan coverage when you (or your family member who is the primary taxpayer for your household) are filing 2015 federal taxes in order to avoid paying a tax penalty. The health insurance company will also be providing this same information to IRS about your coverage. The IRS will be matching the data submitted from the health insurance company to each individual’s or family’s federal tax return and will use your social security number as the primary identifier. Therefore, your social security number and current address will be necessary for the insurance company to fulfill this requirement.


Click here to visit our secure student portal to download your Form 1095-B after January 31, 2016. If your social security number and current address is not on file, you will need to update your account before the Form 1095-B can be provided.


For additional information about the IRS Reporting Requirement, please click here.